topik.visualizers package


topik.visualizers.pyldavis module

topik.visualizers.pyldavis.lda_vis(modeled_corpus, mode='show', filename=None)[source]

Designed to work with to_py_lda_vis() in the model classes.

topik.visualizers.termite_plot module

topik.visualizers.termite_plot.termite(modeled_corpus, plot_title='Termite plot', topn=15)[source]

A Bokeh Termite Visualization for LDA results analysis.


input_file : str or pandas DataFrame

A pandas dataframe from a topik model get_termite_data() containing columns “word”, “topic” and “weight”. May also be a string, in which case the string is a filename of a csv file with the above columns.

title : str

The title for your termite plot


>>> plot = termite(test_model_output, plot_title="My model results", topn=5)
topik.visualizers.termite_plot.termite_html(modeled_corpus, filename, plot_title='Termite plot', topn=15)[source]

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